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The complexity and high cost of major construction projects of today require the Project Manager to grasp and fully understand the Owner’s project concept and requirements. The Project Manager must transpose this understanding into a completed project addressing all aspects of the Owner’s requirements, their budget and time frame. A successful project is one that is completed within budget, on schedule and leaves the Owner satisfied that all project requirements have been addressed and they can be pleased with the experience.

With each project Celtic Project Services embarks upon, our first concern is to understand the Program or Functionality of the project. WE will meet with the Client, their staff and stakeholders to achieve an understanding of the "Building Program".

A Budget is defined to identify all aspects of the project, based on the Building Program.

The Design Process is then started, in accordance with the Building Program and the related Budget. Celtic Project Services continually monitor and check the design through the various detailed stages of this process to ensure the project is remaining within budget. If it is determined that there is any deviation from the program and/or the budget, immediate action will be taken to bring the project in line.

The Best Method of Construction is determined during design and at the completion of design. Various construction delivery methods are available and we will ensure the correct approach is identified relative to the project characteristics, budget and schedule. Economic and market conditions which will impact the project will also be taken into account.

Finally, we will ensure that all Product Warranties and contractor follow-up is responded to in a timely manner before the end of the year warranty period.

The Construction Process will be properly managed and controlled by our team to ensure that the work is completed correctly, on time and within budget. Celtic Project Services ensure all accounting and administration processes, contractual obligations, cash flow projections, and timely reporting procedures meet the expectations and confidence of the Client. At all times through this process, a high quality of achievement is ensured for the end product.

Equally important to finishing the project on time, within budget, and in accordance with the functional requirements is the Commissioning of building equipment and systems. Our team will ensure that all mechanical, electrical, data and user specialized systems perform according to specification. As such, our team is committed to ensuring that the project is “Commissioned” correctly before substantial completion is awarded.

Finally, we will ensure that all Product Warranties and contractor follow-up is responded to in a timely manner before the end of the first year warranty period.

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